• Radio Test Sets
  • Fuel Quantity Test Sets
  • Avionics Test Set
  • GPS Satellite Simulators

Apogee Labs

  • Modular Data Transport
  • Data Acquisition, and Distribution
  • Multiplexers/De-multiplexers
  • Interfaces
  • Displays
  • Matrix switches with independent I/O signal types


  • Software Defined Modems
  • Baseband Units
  • Ground System Front Ends
  • Satellite Test Systems
  • Payload Processors

Abaco Systems

  • Avionics, Graphics and Video, I/O and Storage, High Performance Embedded Computing, Mission Ready Systems, Advanced RF and DSP Solutions, Network Communications and Single Board Computers

Chassis Plans

  • Ruggedized and Revision Controlled Computing Systems and LCD Displays for Military and Industrial Applications. Domestically designed and manufactured custom computer enclosures and LCD displays for harsh environments utilizing both COTS and custom designed components.


  • Data Acquisition Instruments and Software Instruments for R&D, trend recording, and signal conditioning
  • Applications in aerospace, energy, vehicles, NVH, manufacturing

Dytran Instruments, Inc.

  • Piezoelectric Sensors for Dynamic Measurements
  • Accelerometers, Modal Hammers, Force, Pressure and Signal Conditioning


  • GPS & Time Code Instrumentation
  • Time & Frequency
  • Distribution
  • Network Timing
  • Precision Frequency References
  • Bus Level Timing


  • Board-level Telemetry Products
  • RF Receivers
  • Bit-syncs/Frame-syncs
  • PCM Decommutators and Simulators
  • Data Link Analyzers
  • Digital Baseband FM Demodulators

Zodiac Aerospace

  • Ground Station Recorders
  • Flight Test Encoder/Recorders
  • Tracking Antennas Fixed /Portable
  • Telemetry/Space Compact to 11M
  • Transmitters and Flight Termination


  • Blue M Industrial, Burn-In and Thermal Processing Ovens

Taber Industries

  • High Reliability Static Pressure Sensors for Critical Pressure Measurement Applications using bonded foil strain gage based pressure transducer technology