• Radio Test Sets
  • Fuel Quantity Test Sets
  • Avionics Test Set
  • GPS Satellite Simulators

Apogee Labs

  • Modular Data Transport
  • Data Acquisition, and Distribution
  • Multiplexers/De-multiplexers
  • Interfaces
  • Displays
  • Matrix switches with independent I/O signal types


  • Software Defined Modems
  • Baseband Units
  • Ground System Front Ends
  • Satellite Test Systems
  • Payload Processors

Dytran Instruments, Inc.

  • Piezoelectric acceleromaters, dynamic force sensors, pressure transducers and impluse hammers


  • GPS & Time Code Instrumentation
  • Time & Frequency
  • Distribution
  • Network Timing
  • Precision Frequency References
  • Bus Level Timing

SAF North America

  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzers up to 86 GHz
  • Handheld Signal Generators up to 40 GHz
  • Antennas

Spectrum Instrumentation

  • High Speed Digitizers up to 5Gs/s
  • Transient Recorders
  • Arbitrary Waveform and Pattern Generators


  • Board-level Telemetry Products
  • RF Receivers
  • Bit-syncs/Frame-syncs
  • PCM Decommutators and Simulators
  • Data Link Analyzers
  • Digital Baseband FM Demodulators

Universal Switch Corporation

  • Programmable Switching Systems DC-40GHz
  • Video Routers/Distribution

Vialite Communications

  • RF links for the Satcom, Broadcast, Cellular and Timing DC-6GHz modules/systems

Zodiac Aerospace

  • Ground Station Recorders
  • Flight Test Encoder/Recorders
  • Tracking Antennas Fixed /Portable
  • Telemetry/Space Compact to 11M
  • Transmitters and Flight Termination


  • Blue M Industrial, Burn-In and Thermal Processing Ovens

Taber Industries

  • High Reliability Static Pressure Sensors for Critical Pressure Measurement Applications using bonded foil strain gage based pressure transducer technology