Data Acquisition


  • All-in-One Analog/Digital Data Acquisition
  • Telemetry Data Acquisition/Recorders
  • Paper Chart Recorders/Real-Time Paper output
  • Small Distributed Data Acquisition

Dytran Instruments, Inc.

  • Piezoelectric accelerometers, dynamic force sensors, pressure transducers and impulse hammers

G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration

  • Standard Measurement Microphones
  • Preamplifiers
  • Sound Intensity Microphones
  • Artificial Ears and Simulators
  • Calibrators


Spectrum Instrumentation

  • High Speed Digitizers up to 5Gs/s
  • Transient Recorders
  • Arbitrary Waveform and Pattern Generators

Zodiac Aerospace

  • Ground station recorders
  • Flight test encoder/recorders
  • Tracking antennas fixed/portable
  • Telemetry/space compact to 11M
  • Transmitters
  • Flight termination


  • Software defined modems
  • Baseband units
  • Ground system front ends
  • Satellite test systems
  • Payload processors

Taber Industries

  • High Reliability Static Pressure Sensors for Critical Pressure Measurement Applications using bonded foil strain gage based pressure transducer technology